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Celiac Disease: I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease since 2017 and I have been learning a lot about myself since then. In this section, I will be writing about my own personal experience with the disease, recipes, how I am healing my gut, research information, preventative measures, frustrations and positive vibes towards Celiac Disease, tips and tricks of travelling as a Celiac, etc.

Athletic Therapy: As an Athletic Therapist, everyday I help people with their aches and pains, and get them back to doing what they love. Find out more about what Athletic Therapy is, exercises, rehabilitation, conditions, the science behind exercise, exercise videos, etc.

Travel: I have always had the travel bug, and in the last few years I have been saving every dollar to travel the world. Here I will be writing about my travel adventures, what I do, where I go, a travel guide as a Celiac, safety, and my love for exploring different cultures and countries.

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  • Why Stretching Is Important
    Stretching is an activity that is usually skipped in the health and wellness world but it’s one of the most important routines to be sure to get in. Stretching keeps your muscles flexible, strong and healthy. Without an adequate stretching routine your joints will loose their full range of motion which is important for everyday … Read More
  • The Benefits of Collagen | Gut Health, Skin, Hair and Joints
    There has been an increase in awareness and popularity with taking collagen supplements over recent years. Claims have been made that it can help with skin’s youthful appearance, increased bone density and decreased joint pain, along with other claims such as helping to heal your gut lining. For all of these reasons, it’s no surprise … Read More
  • The Best Gluten-Free Places To Eat In Penticton | Celiac Friendly
    Penticton is a fantastic small town full of outside adventure, wine touring, water sports, winter sports, mountain hiking and biking among many other amenities! It also has a few places to eat that are celiac safe within Penticton and just outside of it as well! Be sure to check the list of places below out … Read More
  • Meditation Doesn’t Need To Be Complicated | 5 Practices To Try Out
    When we think of meditation, I think we all envision a monk sitting calmly under a beautiful tree, sitting perfectly straight, possibly levitating, with his legs crossed and hands rested on his knees or in his lap. Even though this is the traditional way of a meditation practice, there are many different ways to practice … Read More
  • How To Become A Morning Person And Wake Up Early
    Everyone is wired differently and not everyone considers themselves a “morning person.” Even if you are not one to wake up early, you can consciously build a morning routine that works for you to get yourself up and start your day off right. Through the process of becoming a morning bird, you should keep in … Read More