How to Shovel the Snow without Hurting your Back

It’s that time of year again where the snow starts flying and we need to shovel it off of our driveways and sidewalks. The only difference for this year is we are not going to injure our backs while doing it!

Here are some tips on how to decrease the likelihood of injuring your back while shovelling the snow:

1) Bend through your hips and knees INSTEAD of bending through your back and keeping your knees and hips straight. This is a recipe for disaster even outside of shovelling snow.
2) Engage your core by contracting your belly button towards your spine and remembering to breathe. Hold this engagement throughout the whole movement.
3) Make sure to keep your shoulders back and down with a good chin tuck and keep your chest up rather than pointing towards the ground.
4) As you are in your deep squat, before picking the snow up from the ground, engage your glutes (squeeze your butt muscles together) then power up using your legs instead of your back.
5) Toss the snow to the side using your whole body NOT just your arms. Push through your legs and core to toss that snow off to the side.
6) Above all, have an active lifestyle where you work on your strength, mobility, flexibility and functional movements to prevent any future injuries. This can include a regular yoga or pilates practice, going to the gym, walking outside, hiking, or whichever movement floats your boat. Any movement is better than no movement.

Now go play in the snow ☃️❄️⛷️🏂🌨️

Here is a video from my Instagram account on how to do this properly:

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