Five Top Tips For Making Goals Without The Guilt

I think it is safe to say most of us have heard of the SMART goal setting strategy. This is a super reliable and successful way of setting goals, I will write a blog post all about it in the future. Today, I will not be referring to that strategy of goal setting. Today I will be giving you things to consider when you do want to set a new goal.

Set Intentions – but don’t do this out of fear or pressure from anyone else. Do the intentions as a form of self love and compassion to yourself, knowing that in the end, it will benefit you whole heartedly. Another important step of this stage is to always celebrate the small wins and your success, because this is what will ultimately drive your motivation rather than willpower alone.

Be Realistic – it is all too common that we will make big goals and not be able to keep up to them because they were too big of a step. Start small and make attainable goals, this includes not being so hard on yourself! If something in your life calls for 15 min of your time but you have 5 min, then do it for 5 min. Keep it simple, because doing it for the time you have is better than not doing it at all.

Change your Mindset and Make it Positive. Depending on what your goal is, try to not see it as you’re taking one thing away and instead you are adding another. Instead of saying I have to ‘stop doing X’ or ‘don’t do Y,’ switch it to I GET to ‘start doing X’ and ‘do more of Y.’ The way we speak to ourselves makes a huge difference.

What is Most Important to You? Think about what is most important to you in relation to your goal and keep your focus on that. Each and everyone of us are unique and have different goals and aspirations. Don’t let yourself become compared to someone else’s life on Instagram. You keep doing you, because if someone hasn’t said it to you already today, you’re doing great.

Still Not Convinced? Ask yourself these two questions:
How will I feel if I continue versus if I stop?
What will my life look like in one year if I continue versus if I stop?

I think it is safe to say that we have all looked back on a year that has just gone by and thought to ourselves, “where did the time go?” Time goes by fast, and if you really want a change and it’s important to you, start now.

Goal setting does not need to be complicated. Start small, and go from there. Remember to not be hard on yourself, if you go a day or two without working towards your goal, dust yourself off and get back to it. Our bodies have a funny way of telling us that we need a break or get back to it.

Five minutes a day is all you need to start. Ready? Go.


LEW xoxo

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