Simplify Your Life

It seems the overall vibe right now is to be going 100 miles a minute to try and get all of our ambitious goals done. So we start with a fresh face and make a goal to write a book, start a YouTube channel and make an empire before the end of the week. Then we are usually beating ourselves up for not completing what we wanted by the end of the week and the self-doubt and the negative talk starts in our burnt-out brain. Trust me when I say, we have all been there.

Why do we do this to ourselves? It might be the overachieving personality that we have, or maybe we feel like we are running out of time. Whatever the reason, know that you are not alone as there are thousands of us doing this exact same process right now.

It seems like women’s brains try to do all of the things in this exact moment all at once, while men’s brains are usually a lot more relaxed when it comes to life tasks. Sometimes I wish I had the talent of simplifying everything and putting it all into neat little boxes in my brain like men do, but we will work with what we got! (If you have not seen Mark Gungor’s comedy skit on the difference between men and women’s brains, check it out for a great laugh).

So if you are like me and you have too much to do, too much to think about, or too much stuff, it’s time to simplify!

  1. Declutter: You want more joy in your life? Have less ‘things.’
  2. Disconnect: This does not have to be anything huge, even shutting your phone off for one hour a week can make an exceptional difference to your mental health. I personally always put my phone away from 7pm until 7am the next day. But if you are feeling like experimenting, unplug for a day a week or even one weekend a month. You will thank yourself.
  3. No multitasking: Try to concentrate and work on one thing at a time. Our brains are amazing machines, but once you start to make it concentrate on more than one thing, usually productivity goes down. So try setting a timer for 20 min and think about one task at hand in that 20 min, then move onto the next task.
  4. Cut back on commitments: As humans we cannot physically or mentally be in two places at once, if you can do this I would love to see it. Look at your daily schedule and re-evaluate your time commitments, then think about what you can let go of that day.
  5. Let the expectations go: There is no such thing as perfection. We usually put way too much on our plates where in any world, it could never get done in one day. So, make your to-do list shorter, and expect less of yourself so you are not so hard on yourself. This will actually allow you to be able to give more of yourself.
  6. Stop the frequent spending: By not buying more, you will have a better budget plan. If you have a better budget plan this will free up time, money and your emotional energy. Which will allow your energy to be used elsewhere!
  7. Delegate: Whether this be to yourself, a virtual assistant, coworkers, family or friends: delegate. “If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself”…WRONG! Change that way of thinking, we cannot expect ourselves to get every little thing done in our lives by ourselves, especially as our schedule starts to become busier. Ask for help when it is needed, it will lower your blood pressure and make your day that much better.

Give these tips a try, and if you do, let me know in the comments or on Instagram.


LEW xoxo

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